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A Masterclass in Public Art

Dean Samuels | , , ,

From the East Bay Times to New York Times, to London’s Daily Mail, coverage featuring varied opinions of Truth Is Beauty have inched into our regional discourse and stirred, for some, a deeper appreciation of the impact of public art. […]

Place-Making San Leandro

Dean Samuels | , , , ,

What would the world be like if women were safe? What would a tech campus be like with internet speeds of 100 Gigabits per second? The answers to these questions may be more connected than expected, and both may be […]

The Visionary Value of Architecture

Stephanie Silkwood | ,

Returning from the AIA Grassroots Leadership Conference in Detroit, I’m inspired by the messages of fellow architects who are doing great things in our communities. I’m reminded that many architects do so much more than design buildings. I learned about […]

Building Cooperation with the San Francisco 2030 District

Stan Lew | ,

California ended 2015 in a historic drought, despite the arrival of El Nino. The December Convention on Climate Change in Paris highlighted rising greenhouse gas emissions. And it seems commonplace when we hear about another environmental affront in some part […]

THE Campus @ 3333 Attracts Tenants By Design

Dean Samuels | , , ,

In 2011, when Menlo Equities took a chance on developing an office campus in Santa Clara without a signed tenant, the market called it a risk. That risk paid off: in 2015,  Palo Alto Networks leased 752,000 square feet at THE […]

5 Facts about Value Engineering

Patrick Todd | ,

Put simply, “value engineering” is the process of finding ways to save our clients money, whether through equivalent design options, changes in scope, or decreasing operating costs. But let’s face it – value engineering has an image problem. The phrase […]

The Value of Co-Creation in Workplace Design

Janet Braden | ,

As the Great Place to Work Institute famously found, there is a direct correlation between a strong workplace culture and increased annual profit. The challenge for executives and facilities managers is: how do you design a workplace to support a strong […]

Your Office’s Hidden Exercise Tool

Gary Koshaba | ,

It’s official: “sedentary” is now a dirty word. A number of well-publicized recent studies have shown that sitting for more than three hours a day can cut two years off your life expectancy. It’s the “sitting is the new smoking” phenomenon. […]

45 & Forward: Community, Inspiration & Contemplation

Dean Samuels | ,

RMW architecture & interiors celebrates 45 years of design in 2015. Last month Tom Gerfen, RMW’s Chairman of the Board, looked back at how the company formed and built a legacy. This month, the firm’s President Russ Nichols gives insight […]

45 & Forward: RMW Celebrates 45 Years of Doing What We Love

Tom Gerfen | ,

From pin bars/mylar to Revit/BIM, graphite to graphic interface, digital evolution to gay revolution. Berlin wall gone, China open. Mainframe to cloud… change has been our context. And yet our DNA still tracks through. A passion for design, the wonder […]