Americo Delgado Fernandez Americo Delgado Fernandez

Americo Delgado Fernandez

Americo draws design inspiration from many places, including travel, nature, and history, but most notably from movies, where the setting or space often plays as big a role as the actors. Noticing the connection between mood and place in film has led Americo to think deeply about how people respond to their environment when he is designing. He wants to always enable the vision of the client, but also ennoble the space by making purposeful choices that respect this relationship. A lateral rather than linear thinker, Americo likes to view the creative process as a funnel that starts with an idea swirling at the top and continues to pick up speed as more information is added, until the perfect design drops through. Being part of a collaborative team is also key to this process and he is grateful for the people at RMW who share his commitment to client happiness and design excellence. His goal is to create enduring spaces that serve as source of awe and inspiration to those who inhabit them.

Outside of work, Americo loves to travel and values the perspective that comes from exploring other cultures and landscapes. In his spare time, he enjoys engaging in or watching sports, playing trivia, and photographing local architecture.