Andrea Jaggers Andrea Jaggers

Andrea Jaggers


Andrea has had a fascination with architecture and design since way back in the Barbie and LEGO days, but she was sold on it as a career after a childhood visit to Wisconsin’s House on the Rock and later confirmed during a tour of Scottsdale’s Taliesin West.

Andrea joined RMW in 2017 and was quickly recognized for her strong organizational skills and attention to detail. Realizing that her talents were well-suited to overseeing large, complex projects, studio leadership gave Andrea the opportunity to move into a project management position – a career goal for her. She was entrusted with the studio’s largest project at the time, which encompassed managing both the shell and the interior. In all her projects, Andrea uses her easy-going nature to build cross-team connections with our clients and partners, while exuding a consistent sense of calm. Andrea loves working for a firm that thinks outside the box and allows its staff to stretch and grow to their potential.

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