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Annette Litle

Annette is passionate about creating interiors which are highly functional and yet give a sense of ease and comfort to the users. After an early career in interior design, she paused working in the profession to raise her family, founding a successful freelance photography business in the process. In her return to interior design with RMW, she brings a seasoned ability to understand client needs, a keen eye for detail, and a mindset of involving clients in a design process that is positive, fun, and collaborative.

Annette’s design practice is augmented by an array of interests. She immensely enjoys the outdoors, horseback riding, hiking with her family and friends, gardening, and reading. A book is always better when read out of doors. She draws inspiration and pleasure from discovering worlds gone by in historical fiction – the stories provide opportunities to learn how individuals attain success, fall in love, toil towards their goals, and overcome failure. Annette cares and is an advocate for both humans and animals who are in need. She is an adoptive parent and has been involved in Greyhound racing dog rescue for over a decade. Service to the community, and to veterans in particular, is also an important part of her life’s work.