Bonny Lee Bonny Lee

Bonny Lee

Bonny’s career at RMW began as an intern, where she was quickly drawn to the quality and variety of projects being done at the firm. She was even more drawn to the wonderful colleagues who she got to work with and knew instantly that this would be a supportive environment in which to learn and grow.  

A well-traveled person, Bonny always looks to see how architecture has evolved over time stylistically, or how building materiality changes based on climate or geography. Bonny has worked on schools and labs and is developing her skills in drawing space plans. She is also advancing the firm’s use of 360° VR walkthroughs for clients, helping them to connect to their projects more viscerally. Bonny’s hopes for her work are that the designs she produces will continually inspire more and greater opportunities for her to impact the built environment.  

Nothing inspires and rejuvenates Bonny’s own creativity like an immersive media experience. She relishes the thrill of traveling to a virtual space that is capable of stretching out in every direction with new and different worlds to explore. She also believes that music is capable of steering her to a different part of her mind and opening new pathways to creativity, so she often listens to music for inspiration while working. In her spare time, Bonny enjoys swimming, painting, and getting wrapped up in great conversation with friends.