Darren Barboza Darren Barboza

Darren Barboza


Darren began sketching and building a variety of contraptions from a very young age and went on to earn his architecture degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, a program recognized for its philosophy of hands-on learning. His early projects, bringing two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional form, grew into a passion for working with various tools along with BIM technology to create today’s built environment. Darren is valued for this technical expertise and appreciated for his consistent support of both the interiors and architectural teams.

Drawn to the classic elegance and clean lines of masterful mid-century skyscrapers, Darren is inspired by the many examples close at hand in San Francisco. He also derives encouragement from the Bay Area’s own Golden State Warriors, admiring their “Strength in Numbers” ethos, and strives to model this sprit in his collaboration with colleagues and clients.

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