Frank Sheng Frank Sheng

Frank Sheng

Frank is known for being focused and to the point, with a competitive drive, but he is also known to smile easily. He has an undeniable passion for building and rebuilding – whether an inhabited structure or a vehicle in need of repair. He has traveled extensively and is greatly inspired by Earth’s vast and variegated architectural landscape. His broad world view, discerning eye, and commitment to creating an experience all serve to elevate and enhance his architectural designs.

With 30 years of practical experience as an architect, Frank’s impressive design skills and leadership acumen fill an essential role on RMW’s project management team. His scope of project expertise includes office buildings, healthcare facilities and laboratory design. Frank finds fulfillment in sharing his experience, knowledge and good nature with his design team, and he focuses on treating each client as unique by responding to their specific aesthetic and program requirements. His efforts are rewarded with motivated team members, happy clients, and beautiful architecture.