Gerardo Cisneros Gerardo Cisneros

Gerardo Cisneros

Childhood trips to visit family in Mexico instilled in Gerardo a fascination with architecture, as he roamed his uncle’s workspace, absorbing the complexity and beauty of the models and drawings he encountered. That seed grew into a passion and talent for magically transferring an idea conceptualized on paper into a physical and spatial experience. With a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington, Gerardo most enjoys the interplay between historic construction and modern interventions.

A fan of the adventure and mystery in Hemingway’s novels and of Trap House Jazz, Gerardo’s inspiration is drawn from the classics. Stepping away from the computer as a design tool, his mediums of preference include pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and oil. He also dabbles in printmaking and creating leather goods. Gerardo aspires to connect the client with the design process, making it an enjoyable experience that speaks directly to the user’s heart.

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