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Gerardo Cisneros

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San Francisco Studio


Where did you go to school?
The University of Texas at Arlington

What do you do at RMW?
Junior Designer – Architecture

What do you like about the firm?
The culture of the office makes it very comfortable for anyone to come in and feel like they play an important part in influencing design.

Why did you decide to go into architecture/interior design?
Early on I had a natural disposition to drawing, or making art. This tool allowed me to develop a new perspective on the built environment.  Architecture, or design, is about discovery. I revel in the analog construction of ideas.

Who is your role model and why; or who would you most like to meet and why?
He’s long past but I would have liked to meet Michelangelo. The only person I know that was able to excel in art and architecture. I would have liked to know how he managed to excel in both aspects and his ideas on how each medium influenced the other.

What is your favorite recent travel experience?
Summer of 2016 I got the opportunity to travel to several European cities on a fellowship. I paid particular focus on adaptive reuse projects and the innovative ways in which architects past and present have reclaimed, recycled, and repurposed the built environment.

What is your favorite building or space?
Piazza San Marco in Venice. The space seems to only get better with age.