Jesus Escalante Jesus Escalante

Jesus Escalante

Spending time as a child in his father’s woodshop, Jesus was given space to create objects using tools that other parents might deem too dangerous. Thanks in part to his father’s early trust in him, Jesus’ own trust in himself means that he has little to no fear of taking on challenges and trying new things. His aptitude for learning and discovery, as well as a desire to put forth his very best effort for every client, makes him a valuable member of any project team.

Inspired and rejuvenated by nature, Jesus has a deep appreciation for architecture that successfully facilitates mankind’s connection to the planet and each other. He specifically admires building techniques and materials that work in harmony with nature, rather than against it. In the future, he hopes his designs will influence how people interact with the environment and each other.

An extremely hands on person, Jesus connects to his interests in a concrete way; not just appreciating a skill or technique but taking it upon himself to learn and practice it. Not just listening to music, but experiencing it live. And not just admiring nature, but being physically connected to it through hiking, camping, cycling, and snowboarding. He likes to engage in activities that remind him of how great it is to be alive and that allow him to appreciate his good health. If he can’t be outside, he keeps his hands busy creating art, rebuilding bikes and cars, or taking things apart to see how they work.