Michael Wong Michael Wong

Michael Wong


Michael was drawn to the field of architecture because it combines elements of art, social benefit, and technical problem-solving. Much like his favorite foods – made from recipes that are time-honored and tested – Michael brings sincerity, calmness, and a dash of good humor to the San Francisco studio. He lends a solid presence to RMW’s management team, contributing to projects ranging from international airport terminals to portable classrooms. Following the science and the realities of climate change, he seeks to make buildings that we may pass on to future generations; buildings that work with the planet.

Michael has a deep appreciation for the creative world, sparked during childhood by his mother’s singing voice. He enjoys all kinds of music and has recently taken up the piano. His favorite work of fiction, Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea, has provided a valued life lesson he has drawn upon repeatedly for inspiration: how an individual experiences his or her life narrative matters far more than the opinions of others.

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