Michael Wong Michael Wong

Michael Wong


Mike was drawn to the field of architecture because it allows him to practice his talents for art and technical problem-solving while contributing to the greater social good. With aspirations for revolutionary and impactful designs, he most enjoys working on zero-net-energy and zero-carbon projects, but has worked on a large range of projects including international airport terminals and portable classrooms.  

Mike brings heart, sincerity, calmness, and a dash of good humor to those with whom he works. He has a deep appreciation for the creative world, sparked first by his mother’s singing voice. He enjoys all kinds of music and has recently taken up the piano. Mike’s favorite work of fiction, Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea, provided a valuable life lesson to draw upon whenever he needs a different perspective: The way in which an individual experiences his or her life’s narrative matters far more than the opinions of others.

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