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As a Senior Interior Designer with over 40 years of experience, Ron brings a wealth of talent, skill and understanding to every project. Ron’s first assignment, after earning his architecture degree from the University of Southern California, offered him the unique opportunity to contribute to the design of the Royal Terminal at the airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At RMW, he has led significant master planning and programming efforts for organizations comprising thousands of people and occupying multi-building campuses. Regardless of project type, his process is methodological and exploratory, as he seeks to discover how spaces should look, work and fit their context. Ron consistently achieves productive partnerships and successful design solutions by becoming an advocate for his clients, immersing himself in the end-user’s culture to develop an expertise around their goals.

Ron navigates life at home and at work with a presence of reassuring confidence, which he nurtures in early morning combat at the dojo. He is a student of traditional Japanese karate, which involves not only aggressive physical training, but also the daily exercise of living with a clear mind and conscience in order to understand the knowledge which he receives from his practice.

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