Shia Stennis Shia Stennis

Shia Stennis

Propelled by a desire to understand the relationship between people and the built environment, Shia pursued a career in architecture, where she endeavors to design with empathy in mind. To Shia, it is as important for a structure to be inclusive as it is inspiring, so that everyone may have a place that they enjoy. She also tries to be mindful of the situational composition, always wanting her buildings to complement their surrounding environments rather than be imposing or overwhelming. 

At work, Shia enjoys being part of a team of creatives and finding ways to meld both what she knows and what others teach her into innovative new ideas and solutions. Outside of work, Shia tries to engage in a broad variety of activities because she believes exposure to different places and experiences boosts creativity and helps to keep her perspective fresh. If Shia could have an endless supply of anything it would be travel miles so she could get out and experience more of what the world has to offer.