Tim Freeman Tim Freeman

Tim Freeman


Drawn to architecture for its permanence, Tim’s passion for the built environment comes from knowing that he has a unique ability to impact the way people experience their surroundings. He believes that architecture is humanity’s attempt to mold the environment to suit our needs and that when imprinting nature with our humanity, care must be taken to be sustainable. As a team member, Tim is a unifying force who brings positivity and strong technical knowledge to every job. His goal for every client is to deliver a quality product that exceeds expectations and comes in under budget so that they will want to work together again.

With a mother in the armed services, Tim moved often growing up, which helped him develop eclectic tastes in everything from food, to music, to hobbies. A nature-lover, Tim is happy he put down roots in Northern California where the mountains and the beach are only a 90-minute playlist away, and just about any cuisine imaginable can be found along the way.