Touko Takeda Touko Takeda

Touko Takeda

Touko has been artistically inclined since childhood. While growing up, she enjoyed drawing and painting as a hobby. By college, her interests blossomed into the realm of design and architecture because she wanted to have a hand in improving how people experience the built environment.

Inspired by art and nature, but driven by functionality, Touko feels her projects are most successful when the users feel good inside the space. Her designs tend to be clean, bright, and open with an emphasis on maintaining a connection to nature. Touko always endeavors to understand what the client wants and needs first, and then interprets those desires with her creative eye to find a beautiful design solution. Being regarded by her clients and colleagues as knowledgeable, dependable, and flexible is very important to her. As a team member, Touko relishes being part of a tightly knit group that can laugh easily with one another while sharing ideas and opinions. Outside of work, Touko is a pianist, culinary arts enthusiast, and nature lover who enjoys 80’s music and spending quality time with friends and family.