531 Technology Way, Napa Valley Gateway Business Park

Napa County, California | commercial development, industrial & manufacturing

Sophisticated treatments tailor a tilt-up, taking it beyond typical.

Tilt-up construction was a natural fit for this 104,307-square-foot speculative warehouse project, representing the best convergence of cost efficiency, durability, interior planning flexibility, and structural efficiency. The question then became, “How can design result in a better built product?” RMW’s team explored several design approaches and considered how best to address the local convenants requiring “significant sloped roof elements.”

To address this requirement, the design accentuates the three primary building corners with standing-seam butterfly roofs atop towers that reach a height of 46 feet. Concrete reveals are used not merely as “lines on the wall,” but as a method to create a textural treatment. Alternating paint colors, foam banding, steel canopies, and parapet height variations further articulate the facade.

Quick Facts

The project was awarded a 2015 TCA Achievement Award in the warehouse category.

While several neighboring buildings have struggled to become fully leased, the Technology Way project was 100% leased within one year of completion, a clear testament to the idea that “design matters.”