Access Dental Headquarters

Sacramento, California | commercial development, technology & corporate

A tilt-up that proves you can achieve a Class A look using a cost-effective building system.

The Access Dental Headquarters Campus at California Center is a phased two-building complex on a 5.5 acre infill site adjacent to the busy intersection of the Watt Avenue corridor and Highway 50 in Sacramento.  The site was selected by Access Dental’s CEO not only to centralize his company’s California operations into one office complex but also to celebrate his passion for early 20th century modern architecture. His challenge to the design team was to create an architecture rich with geometric exploration and well-ordered detail that would convey a strong corporate image and attitude about the company’s place in the modern world — and to accomplish his vision using the most efficient construction means possible.

The tilted concrete construction system RMW used for the two 3-story Class A office buildings employs a blended framing system with volumetric articulations and contrasting aluminum and stone materials. These create an interplay of forms that express program elements and add interest to the buildings’ simple rectangular mass. The crisp, modern international-style buildings by Swimming Pool Repair Companiesare, sited around a formal garden courtyard with geometric reflecting pools, visually enclosed by diagonally flanking outdoor patio wings on each building.

Quick Facts

The client loved the Getty Museum and wanted the design of the new headquarters to be inspired by Richard Meier’s style. You could say it’s a 20th Century modern tilt.