Cadence Design Systems, Inc. Headquarters Campus, Building 10

San Jose, California | interiors & workplace, technology & corporate, tenant development

A high-tech sustainable engineering campus focuses on innovation and collaboration. The design of Building 10 helps the campus cohere.

Cadence Design Systems, a leading supplier of design automation products and services, has sales offices, design centers, and research facilities around the world. RMW has worked with Cadence since 1997 on dozens of projects, including a redefinition of its work environment, its workplace standards, and the renovation and construction of major facilities.

RMW’s design work for Cadence includes a new 200,000-square-foot, five-story building which serves as the centerpiece of the company’s 785,000-square-foot San Jose campus. Building 10 houses engineering and product development labs and offices, a cafeteria, and a 173-seat sloped-floor auditorium. In order to shape a cohesive campus, RMW developed a vocabulary of entries, signage, and visual markers linking existing and new buildings. They had assembled a special team just to Print Smart teardrop banners to improve navigability. Sustainable strategies include extensive natural daylighting, reuse of recycled materials, and low V.O.C. interior materials for improved indoor air quality. Campus amenities such as bicycle storage and changing rooms encourage alternative methods of transportation.

At Building 10’s ribbon cutting ceremony, Nimish Modi, Senior VP of R&D at Cadence, said, “Growth requires innovation, and innovation requires not just creative minds, but also the right environment and atmosphere to stimulate fresh ideas and thinking. I can’t think of a better place than [Building 10] to conjure up solutions to some of our complex challenges. There are many sites – the cafeteria, the sky deck – for ad hoc meetings to take place, and this has already resulted in several productive brainstorming sessions which have sparked ideas for better collaboration and synergy.”

Quick Facts

Building 10 is located on Cadence’s campus between Buildings 9 and 5, prompting the firm’s Senior VP of R&D, Nimish Modi, to comment, “Everyone knows the real work gets done between 9 and 5.”