Cryptography Research, a Division of Rambus

San Francisco, California | interiors & workplace, technology & corporate

An office space enhances collaboration and security, with room for fun.

Cryptography Research’s mission is to keep information from the hands of hackers. As a company that relies on the inventiveness of its employees, however, information sharing in the workplace is paramount. For its 26,100-square-foot offices at 425 Market, Rambus wanted a design that emphasized collaboration and learning, but also allowed for secure spaces. The design team provided a streamlined, minimalist finish palette with pops of color and a definite separation of public and private areas.

Public zones include a generous reception with bamboo flooring and a glass display case that holds antique cryptography memorabilia. Just off the reception lobby, a training room with an associated break-out space and library is also open to approved visitors. Secure areas, which are accessed through keypass doors, include workstations and smaller meeting rooms centered on the employee “watering hole,” a break room and lounge with a sweeping view of downtown San Francisco.

Quick Facts

Meeting rooms are named after famous cipher machines, such as the Enigma and the Bombe.