RMW Teamed for NNSA Exascale Computing Facility Modernization

RMW is honored to again be chosen by Lawrence Livermore National Security LLC, along with Burns & McDonnell, Forell/Elsesser Engineers and BKF Engineers, on behalf of the National Nuclear Security Administration to provide design services that will accommodate increased infrastructure demands for one of the world’s fastest computing platforms.

“At a quintillion (a billion billion) calculations each second, exascale computing has potential to drive discoveries across the spectrum of scientific fields and have a profound impact on everyday life,” says Anna Maria Bailey, high performance computing chief engineer, LLNL. “The exascale supercomputers will surpass the fastest computers in today’s world, analyze massive volumes of data and simulate complex processes and relationships.”

Learn more about RMW’s award winning Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Terascale Simulation Facility design HERE.