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“The Through-line’ is an uncomplicated and elegant expression of connection. The connection between various disciplines. The connection between offices, between people, between work and life, creativity and functionality, and between the legacy of the firm and its future.”

Ryan Meis, Stout Design Inc.

Our practice is built upon relationships, trust, and authenticity. 

We believe that design is a conversation between people, environment, and culture, and that the quality of the end result grows directly from the quality of the conversation. We are listeners, and we are collaborators.

We lead by empowering our team.

Communications and collaboration are the key to the success of our projects. Our principals and staff are empowered to create environments that reflect our client’s vision, solve functional challenges, enhance workers’ well being, and embody a true sense of community.

We inspire by creating an environment of creative confidence.

We understand that great design flows from great designers. By encouraging learning and providing a pathway to innovation, we intentionally maintain an environment of creative confidence. Our commitment to mentorship fosters an atmosphere in which talent can grow and thrive.

We design by aligning our practice with our values.

We believe that by prioritizing human wellbeing, design integrity and environmental stewardship, we can create inspired experiences through the power of design.

We solve by listening, engaging and collaborating.

Informed by a culture of curiosity and creative collaboration, our design solutions emerge from conversations, shared vision and innovations that are directly relevant to our clients highest needs and aspirations.

Environmental responsibility is a foundational element of our design philosophy.

We view ourselves as our clients’ partners in sustainability. We are widely recognized for our innovative high performance solutions. We have been recognized as one of the Top 50 Sustainable Design Firms by Architect magazine, one of the Top 100 Sustainable Design Firms in the nation by Engineering News Record and recipient of two Acterra Business Environmental Awards. We are signatories of the Architecture 2030 Challenge to adopt energy reduction targets and lower greenhouse gas emissions for new and renovated buildings, and members of the U.S. Green Building Council. Over half our staff members are LEED Accredited Professionals.