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Design is a search for better answers. Our joy is in the discovery. Informed by a culture of curiosity and creative collaboration, RMW’s mission is to make a positive impact through the power of design.

“RMW has a knack for attracting the best people, and because we are a mid-sized firm, we all have the privilege of getting to know each other. It feels like everyone is on the same playing field, regardless of where they are in their career, because everyone wants to grow with you.”

Jasmin Camarillo
joined RMW in 2016

“There is a high level of camaraderie in our studio and amongst team members. People are very supportive and open with one another, as well as dedicated to the continued success of everyone else.”

Eamonn Dennis
joined RMW in 2020

“My happiness at RMW is all about the people who I work with and the projects I get to take on. Over the course of my career here, I have always felt challenged to solve new problems in innovative ways, and I have been lucky to be part of such a diverse and sharing team.”

Janet Braden
joined RMW in 1989

“Having been with RMW for 25 years, I feel the direction the firm is headed is the best it’s ever been. The partners have the right energy and focus, and they lead in harmony for the betterment of the firm and its employees. The people that I have watched grow into leadership positions are not just colleagues, they are friends that I look up to in life and in work. I’m excited for our future.”

Karen Letteney
joined RMW in 1997

“One of the most common interview questions I hear is, “What does your typical day look like?” to which I respond, “There’s no such thing!” That is one of the many reasons why I chose and continue to choose RMW. Along with every person on the team I have the privilege of collaborating with, and the unrivaled company culture, it’s also the various types of projects I get to work on. At RMW, they welcome, encourage, and foster your goals – personal and professional.”

Kim Bulanan
joined RMW in 2017

“When I joined RMW I felt welcomed and appreciated right from the start. Throughout the office there is a real sense of collaboration and support, with mentoring and opportunities for people at all different levels. With such a great work environment, we can focus on doing our best work and making amazing projects for our clients.”

Allison English
joined RMW in 2022

Workplace Culture
At RMW every voice is heard, and every idea is valued. We are a people-centric firm that embraces diverse perspectives, fosters professional development, and supports work-life balance. We value camaraderie and teamwork, encourage learning and creativity, and pride ourselves on being client focused.

RMW is committed to investing in our people.
RMW is a place where you can reach your full potential. We hire for the long-term while supporting professional development and career growth. Employees are exposed to a wide range of project types, while also being provided opportunities to engage with the community alongside peers, mentors, and industry partners.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
RMW is committed to making the workplace an inclusive and equitable place for all. Every employee participates in racial equity training and commits to upholding the tenets of a just and inclusive work environment by signing the firm’s DEI Policy.

Emphasis on Sustainability.
As architects and designers of the built environment, we have a hand in shaping a more viable, equitable and enduring future. Sustainability is ingrained in our project work, culture and firm operations. Through thoughtful, iterative, and strategic implementation of our resources and climate positive actions, RMW can have a measurable and lasting influence on the trajectory of climate change. Read more in our Sustainability Action Plan.

We are passionate about what we do and have fun doing it.
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