Sustainability Action Plan

We believe that sustainable design is a necessary
and powerful way to preserve Earth’s ability
to support humanity.

RMW’s vision is to make a positive impact through the power of design. This deliberately broad statement pertains to the impacts that our work has on the planet, people, communities, and our client’s business goals. Through this philosophy of connectedness, we understand that the impact we have on the planet is inextricably linked to the impact we have on people.

The embrace of sustainability in our practice evolved naturally from this vision and is further reinforced by our core values of Synergy, Innovation, and Success.

When looked at through the lens of sustainability, these values already guide us toward climate-positive actions in our daily work. As such, our pursuit of sustainability is engrained in our approach to every project, regardless of the project’s stated sustainability goals. As good stewards of the environment, we work to maintain a strong knowledge base of easily achievable, low/no-cost interventions that can dramatically reduce a building’s carbon footprint. When our clients wish to go farther, we are prepared and eager to push the boundaries of sustainable design, meeting or exceeding the carbon neutrality goals outlined in the AIA 2030 Commitment.

Download our Sustainability Action Plan for further details