A Note from the President

This April 1st represents the 47th anniversary of RMW, a firm founded by Matthew R. Mills, C. David Robinson and David Watson Williams in 1970 on this day.  The passing of Matthew earlier this year January 9th has compelled me to reflect, and with his memorial service today, April 1st; has prompted a time of celebration.  I dedicate this anniversary and this year to Matthew R. Mills, the architect.

Matthew had not been an active part of the firm since 1999, having moved back to Pinehurst after his successful battle with cancer, but his imprint is forever.

Matthew demanded the best from us and inspired greatness around him. He was driven by his passion for design, expressed through his true talent as an architect. He also made a connection with his clients. That became his purpose. Matthew embedded that purpose into how he delivered professional services and how he set an example for all of us around him.

The firm grew with that purpose, and the culture he created was instilled in us.  RMW had purpose then…and has purpose now because of Matthew…it is family.

What is so unique in this profession and what has always been the true differentiator of RMW…is the character of its people who comprise our firm. Seven active partners, including myself, have been a part of RMW for over 30 years (and a few a little more than that).  And with new partners of Steve, Stan, and Jeff, that “passion and purpose” continues.

50% of our staff have been with RMW for most of their career. And for those who are young, the same holds true.  RMW is a place to thrive, a place to grow…and more importantly, a place to be. Our family is strong. The firm Matthew (and his founding partners) created has evolved over 47 years…but never strayed.

Today, as we celebrate the life of Matthew Mills, and commemorate the 47th anniversary of RMW, may we carefully work to nurture his legacy of leadership and integrity. And, as Matthew did, continue to mentor generations of leaders so that when we have gone, our impact will be much greater than physical buildings and design and will also fuel passion and purpose as Matthew did at RMW.

Russ Nichols
President, RMW

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Russ Nichols