Juniper Networks Wins Best Green Project/Innovative Design

The Juniper Networks Headquarters Campus has been awarded the 2013 Silicon Valley Structures Award for Best Green Project/Innovative Design (Private) by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. The design “defies Silicon Valley’s traditional design,” the Journal writes. “For starters, the high-tech campus is one of few projects that went more vertical than horizontal, putting much greater density in a smaller location.” The first two buildings on the campus have achieved LEED Platinum and LEED Gold certification, respectively, through the use of fuel cells, photovoltaic cells, natural light and ventilation, and high efficiency lighting and plumbing fixtures, among other strategies. In addition, the campus parking structure features a 2,300 square foot green wall.

Principal-in-Charge Russ Nichols and Project Architect Pat Todd joined Juniper Networks in accepting the award, along with John Lucas, Vice President Global Real Estate & Workplace Services, and Mike Szeredy, Real Estate & Workplace Sr. Project Manager at Juniper Networks Inc.