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Cheree Onufer

  • Associate

What do you do at RMW?

I’m the firm’s Controller. My first years at RMW I was humorously known as the “time sheet lady,” and although some may think that I only spend my day calling people for time cards I actually have many other duties too. Mainly my responsibilities include the billing process, payroll, accounts receivable, and assisting the CFO with the financials. I also have a lot of interaction with the interior design project managers and assist them in understanding the numbers side of their projects. I have had the privilege of training the other accounting staff in our office and we all work fantastically together as a team. In addition, I will do any task that needs to be done in our office in order for it to run efficiently. I am continually motivated in our department because accounting in the A&E industry is always different and keeps me thinking.

What do you like about the firm?

I feel like the firm is always attentive to their employees and encourages them to grow. The firm works as a team and is not afraid of change.

What was your favorite travel experience last year?

My family took a week long camping trip to Sequoia National Park last year. We tent camped and it was cold in May, but we enjoyed being in the forest among 1,000-year-old trees. We were really able to spend quality time together with no cell phones or screens. The air is fresh, the trees are magnificent, and the animals are adorable (even the bears). We also did a lot of hiking. One day we hiked to a beautiful waterfall and went fishing, where I caught my first fish! It was a rainbow trout about five inches long, but we threw it back since it was so tiny. I learned that the truly best vacations are simple and about the people you spend it with.