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Earl Gerfen

  • Associate

Director – Information Technology

Where did you go to school?

Stanford University

What do you like about the firm?

I love the team feeling, history, lack of big egos, and desire to put out a high-quality product with integrity. It’s also very cool to watch technology being manipulated as a tool for creative design.

What do you do outside the firm?

When I’m not working with users, networks, servers, desktops, WWW, CMS, CRM, HAL, ABCDEFG, I do have another life. It consists of a wonderful family. A great wife, who teaches first grade. A sweet daughter who is a jewelry metalsmith, studying interior design on the side (should I say something to her about that?). A cool son who is studying marine biology and scuba diving. We (OK, my wife) do a lot of cooking, and someone needs to be taste tester. Gardening is a go-to. Following the St. Louis Cardinals. Hanging out with our dog….

What’s your favorite entertainment?

Because I’m an IT guy, you might think video games, but it’s literature that gets me going. Mainly science fiction. I recently read Reamde by Neal Stephenson. He’s right up there as favorite author: Cryptonomicon, The Diamond Age, and of course Snow Crash. A favorite nonfiction writer for me is John McPhee. Having worked in geology and geophysics in a former life, I found his books on geology absolutely refreshing as he combines science with the human condition: Encounters with the Archdruid, Coming into the Country, Basin and Range…. His other works are just as appealing. Now that’s the kind of news I could read all day.