Jacob Becker Jacob Becker

Jacob Becker

Jacob is a doer whose optimism, open-mindedness, and work ethic enable him to tackle complex projects with an upbeat tenacity that is infectious and inspiring. As one who thrives in a team dynamic, he feels a sense of purpose when contributing to a successful outcome. Jacob has a hunger to learn and grow and enjoys working for a firm where the people are both friendly and knowledgeable. 

A fabricator in his spare time who enjoys using his hands to create, Jacob delights in hobbies that others would shy away from, such as building vintage motorcycles and playing the drums. It is also these hobbies that helped cultivate his respect for proportions, linework, rhythms, and patterns – the appreciation of which he naturally applies to the field of architecture. Art and music loom large in the life of Jacob, who plays drums in a band and frequently attends art openings.