Kari Collins-Hignight Kari Collins-Hignight

Kari Collins-Hignight

Looking back, it’s no surprise that Kari chose to practice interior design. When introduced to a video game in elementary school in which players construct a world piece by piece for their characters, she spent hours designing the houses, then lost interest when it came time to help the characters live their lives. Design, it seems, was always her priority.

As a designer and team member, Kari is well-organized, reliable and friendly, bringing a sense of ease and comfort to her clients. Her goal is to ensure that every project design fully reflects the culture of the company, and she finds her greatest reward when the employees love their space. Drawn to architecture and design that complements its environment, she believes humans have an intrinsic need to be connected to the earth and that architecture can help bridge that connection, particularly in today’s workplace.

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