Ken Irelan Ken Irelan

Ken Irelan

Ken’s architectural career evolved out of his interest in carpentry, a field that he was drawn to ever since watching his father build their new family home from the ground up with only the help of a few friends. Witnessing that process has had a lifelong impact upon Ken, helping him understand and recognize the many disciplines involved in making a project come together. Because of that big picture appreciation, he is particularly attentive to detail, taking pride in being thorough, precise, and rigorous in his construction documentation.

As an architect, Ken strives to find solutions that are not merely functional, but also elegant, for if it improves life and is plain, how much better would it be if it were also beautiful to behold? Part of this philosophy was borne out of his travels abroad, where he is endlessly fascinated by the different approaches that countries take in solving functional challenges such as pedestrian and traffic ways, parks and plazas, building massing and facades, and details down to the individual’s interaction. Apart from his desire to make clients happy by being knowledgeable, dependable, and creative, Ken also cares about practicing architecture that will have a positive environmental and social impact on the world.

Outside of work, Ken enjoys spending time with friends, being out in nature, exploring new places, and listening to music of all kinds.