RMW Since


Kit Leung


San Francisco Studio


Where did you go to school?
University of Auckland, New Zealand.

What do you do at RMW?
I work closely with the project architect and creative team on a variety of architecture and interior projects.

What do you like about the firm?
The positive work environment and supportive team.

What do you do outside the firm?
When I am not drawing the future on paper/computer, I love to spend time capturing beautiful moments with my camera. I have a side photography project called KITHOUSE, where I can meet amazing people, visit new places and be creative.

Why did you decide to go into architecture/interior design?
I was influenced by a TV commercial ad I watched when I was young. In that TV commercial ad, a man stand in front of an iconic building and said: “I was part of the team to design/build this!” So, here I am.