Malavika Jayakumar Malavika Jayakumar

Malavika Jayakumar

Always an insatiably curious person from birth, Malavika takes the stance of a learner in life and in work. She is a questioner and a seeker of solutions who believes knowledge is best when shared, so she strives also to be an educator. One of her favorite ways to help others is to bring structure to existing processes in a way that simplifies them for the future. When possible, she endeavors to inspire and broaden the perspectives of those around her, helping them to remember that there is so much more in life than meets the eye.

As a designer, Malavika does not lean into a particular aesthetic. She believes that the design of a space must flow like a story well narrated. She strives to create personal moments within each project, always seeking to understand the user first, then designing their surroundings to suit their behavior and needs.  One of Malavika’s favorite feelings is that of accomplishment, whether at the end of a project or a long hike. She believes it’s important to celebrate successes and will often do so with a delicious plate of sushi or a long walk through a museum.