Nubia A.K. Beltran Nubia A.K. Beltran

Nubia A.K. Beltran

An essential part of RMW’s tenant improvement team, Nubia brings determination and a strong work ethic to the group. From childhood, she has been fascinated with architecture and the construction process. Her father worked in the industry, often bringing her to job sites, which gave birth to her passion for the built environment. Outside of work, she is devoted to photography – an important tool during her travels, she shares her talent with family and friends, offering professional quality photo sessions as gifts to her subjects.

Nubia’s world travel also influences her design aesthetic, enhancing the way she appreciates a statue, a building or a simple door. Her experience of different cultures and aesthetic traditions expands her creativity by offering the opportunity to incorporate new ideas into her daily work, thus making it her own.

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