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Oscar Catarino

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San Jose Studio


Where did you go to school?
I attended San Jose State University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design.

What do you do at RMW?
I am a junior interior designer.

What do you like about the firm?
I enjoy the diversity of talented individuals I work with and can learn from. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly, we are definitely one BIG team! There are people I can count on for any type of work-related support, which makes the project(s) move faster and smoother. I also enjoy the moments where we all as a firm or small group, get together for special occasions (birthdays, anniversary lunches, etc.) or a simple cup of coffee outside the studio.

What do you do outside the firm?
I enjoy watching sports, European soccer in particular. Occasionally I play indoor soccer with family and friends at the Silver Creek Sportsplex. We also hike and bike (fixed gear) the many park trails in San Jose.

Anything in particular that you remember about school or early practice?
For a senior project, I had chosen Tesla to develop a design space. To understand their brand, culture, and work environment needs, I had the opportunity to visit the Tesla facility in Fremont. I was amazed to see the high-tech space, the number of machines/robots being used, and the innovative way the factory worked. This visit was very rewarding that gave me valuable insight for my design solution. At the end of the semester, my peers and professors were very pleased with the overall presentation and design concept.