Peter Gerfen Peter Gerfen

Peter Gerfen

Information Technology

As RMW’s IT Technician, Peter provides support for the continued development of the firm’s innovative, robust, and secure information technology environment.  An excellent problem solver, he approaches issues with patience and creativity.  Eyewitnesses report that it often takes only Peter’s presence standing over a computer, printer, or other pieces of equipment for it to be magically restored.  Aside from this magical ability, Peter is a third-generation “RMWian” and provides years of technical experience and know-how.

After growing up in the Bay Area and spending high school summers at RMW, Peter ventured out to sea and to Arcata, California to earn a degree in marine biology. He exercises his passion for the underwater world by caring for his reef tank aquarium, growing corals, and maintaining a healthy ecosystem for the marine life with whom he shares his home. Peter is a fan of science fiction’s expansive world-building, and the sense of wonder and awe this genre can conjure. His favorite book, Snow Crash, has a stylized dystopian view of the not too distant future and explores the idea that humans could be vulnerable to direct manipulation by language in the same way computers are vulnerable to malicious code which he is fascinated by.

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