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Rowena Ipsilanti

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San Francisco Studio


Where did you go to school?
The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, and the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

What do you do at RMW?
I’m a Junior Designer, working simultaneously on Architecture and Interior Design projects ranging from design concept development to construction drawings. I like to take on various types of projects with dissimilar challenges.

What do you like about the firm?
The work culture and the people. This has been my best career experience, I have been challenged and have grown as a designer and team player. Few things can make you love what you do like doing it with smart, talented and positive people.

Why did you decide to go into architecture/interior design?
I like designing everything from 2D to 4D as well as system, and I like to solve problems. Social inequality, connectivity to resources and communication have always been the most interesting issues to me. Architectural design is the field where designing places, spaces, and system touch those issues.

What is your favorite recent travel experience?
The Mighty 5 at Utah’s National Parks: Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion; amazing hike and views! Exercising my body and mind while learning the important role that nature plays in designing the earth.