Sabrina Vlasek Sabrina Vlasek

Sabrina Vlasek

Sabrina has always sought balance and organization in life, and she has always had a talent and interest in math. These attributes come together to make her an excellent accountant. Sabrina loves to see things add up and relishes the fact that there can only be one right number. When something is off, even by a cent, she diligently and happily drills down to find that one-penny difference.  As part of a team, Sabrina jumps in to help and share the workload whenever needed.

A Sacramento native who loves oceans, lakes and rivers, Sabrina enjoys going on adventures with her children and her Aussiedoodle, Remy. When she’s not soaking up the outdoors, she can be found drinking coffee at her favorite local coffee shop or at home, either practicing yoga or dabbling in arts and crafts.