Scarlet Entwistle Scarlet Entwistle

Scarlet Entwistle

LEED Green Associate

Scarlet has always wanted to contribute to a positive change in spaces. Even as a young child, she found herself trying to provide solutions that will better the spaces around her. Her design approach starts with connecting deeply to both the client’s needs and their surroundings. She finds inspiration in many things: color, textures, scale, technology, nature, and fashion. Ultimately, she strives to make her clients feel well taken care of.

She grounds her work with an even-keeled temperament, managing the multiple and sometimes contending stakeholders and contributors in her projects to meet hard deadlines. She has broad experience working with a range of building types, including small and large offices, hotels, restaurants, athletic facilities, schools and training facilities, as well as custom and production homes. A LEED Green Associate, she brings expertise in code compliance to the design team.

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