Sierra Scott Sierra Scott

Sierra Scott

Business Development / Marketing

Sierra grew up with a voracious appetite for books, prompting a lifelong love of words. She also kept a diary for most of her young life, which encouraged her to express her feelings through the written word. This might explain her knack for capturing the essence of whatever topics she tackles, ensuring that the messaging resonates with the audience in a meaningful way. A strategic planner at her core, Sierra oversees business development and marketing strategy for the firm, concentrating her efforts on the Sacramento studio.

Sierra cares deeply about the world in which she lives. She spent two years as a health and human rights volunteer abroad before studying Sustainable Development at Columbia University. Focusing on people and developing relationships comes naturally to her and is a key driver in her approach to business development. She values teamwork and camaraderie in the office and applies her caring nature to efforts that promote team bonding and cohesivity – not uncommonly through the use of wine and charcuterie.

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