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Where did you go to school?

I followed a somewhat unorthodox educational path. I took a break from school and career to spend two years volunteering with community-based health and human rights groups on the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali. After that, I completed my Associates degree in Sociology and then went on to study Sustainable Development at Columbia University.

What do you do at RMW?

I support the Studio in as many ways as I can, but I focus primarily on maintaining and cultivating relationships with our clients and industry partners while pursuing exciting new opportunities for the firm’s talent to flex their design muscles.

What do you like about the firm?

I take pride in seeing how our work shapes the landscape of the city I love. I also enjoy working with such a wicked smart, wildly creative and wonderfully fun group of people. It makes coming to work every day an honor and a pleasure.

What do you do outside the firm?

Outside of work, I revel in being utterly dominated by a curious, funny and sometimes sassy toddler. When I get some me-time, I love trying out a new recipe, reading books of many genres, practicing yoga, and most of all, laughing with my husband and friends over a really good home-cooked meal.

What is your favorite building or space?

My favorite buildings are these incredible bamboo houses in Green Village, Bali. Strength and sustainability are the virtues of bamboo that typically come to mind, but when you see the architectural beauty and fluidity achieved by these designs, you just think, “I want to live there!”