Sonja Waggoner Sonja Waggoner

Sonja Waggoner

A world traveler, Sonja finds inspiration by exploring varying cultures, expressed not only through architecture but also through food, landscapes, and music. She enjoys absorbing these elements and expressing her findings through cooking, hiking, riding the river, and dancing. While earning a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the Art Institute of California in San Francisco, Sonja experimented with a variety of art disciplines to help discover her talent and passion for interior design.

Practiced in space planning since elementary school, where a favorite pastime was rearranging the furniture in her bedroom, Sonja now lends her professional contributions to the vibrant team of designers who are the foundation of RMW’s tenant improvement work. She thrives in the fast-paced aspect of these projects and is confident and professional. Personal and professional growth is important to her, evident in her support of the team dynamic with creative solutions, organization, humor, and a keen eye for detail.

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