Taylor Grubbs Taylor Grubbs

Taylor Grubbs

A profoundly curious person since childhood, Taylor’s openness to learning and discovery has made him an impressively knowledgeable, albeit humble individual on a wide variety of subjects. To him, life is just as much about actively doing and experimenting as it is about passively enjoying and experiencing. This philosophy gives him an enhanced perspective and unique approach when it comes to his passion for architecture. After gaining a thorough understanding of a project’s main goals, Taylor likes to consider what the client might want beyond the stated set of needs in order to deliver the best possible result. He delights in the possibilities, convinced that by thinking just a little bit more about something, a far greater outcome can be achieved. The joy for him is in sharing ideas with colleagues and utilizing the different perspectives that each teammate has to offer to create smart solutions which benefit both clients and end-users.

Topping Taylor’s many interests and passions outside of work are cooking, reading, and woodworking. His favorite food is ramen, his favorite book is “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” and his favorite thing to build with wood is “everything, absolutely everything.