The lobby at 351 California Street in San Francisco was once a dark and nondescript space, hidden from view amidst the bustling financial district and historic cable car line. Despite its prominent location, few noticed the building’s grand entry.

We meticulously accentuated the pre-existing architectural elements, utilizing a sleek and contemporary design approach to elevate the space while adhering to budgetary limitations. To establish a harmonious connection between the interior and exterior areas, we extended the use of floor tiles seamlessly from inside to outside. We applied textured paint to offer both tactile and visual intrigue, and our dedicated custom graphics team thoughtfully translated the building’s architectural motifs to envelop the rear wall, imbuing the space with depth and opulence.

Our design preserves the lobby’s original bones while breathing new life into it through a thoughtful selection of flooring, wall finishes, ceilings, paint, and lighting. The result is an entry that not only serves as a welcoming space but also pays homage to the building’s historical significance, inviting both tenants and visitors to embrace its heritage.


RMW Team

Constructive Solutions, Inc., General Contractor
Garry Belinsky, Photography