CSU East Bay Student Services & Administration Building

Hayward, California | civic & academic

At the gateway to the east quadrant of campus, a college landmark adds personality while remaining personable.

The need to demolish the seismically unsafe student services facility at California State University, East Bay, offered an opportunity to design a new building that could house these program needs while also acting as a gateway to orient visitors to the campus. RMW was asked to evaluate the east quadrant of the campus to determine the best siting for this building, and then to design the building itself.

The design team determined a placement that would frame an entry quad to the campus. Taking advantage of its high-visibility location, the new 100,467-square-foot Student Services & Administration Building introduces dynamic contemporary design elements such as aluminum panels syncopated with glass, a cantilevered pop-out on the fourth floor that houses the dean’s office, and an angled wall canted toward the center of campus.

The facility supports state-of-the-art enrollment and student services on the lower floors while providing offices for approximately 350 administrative staff on its upper floors. Careful consideration was given to the development of a site plan that integrates the new building into the existing campus environment while improving pedestrian and vehicular access. The building has been well received by faculty, staff, and students alike for its airy, light-filled public spaces and pleasant working environment.

Quick Facts

Transparency at the ground floor helps students locate services.

The loft-like reception area was designed to be column-free to accommodate flexible program rearrangements.

Proximity to the Hayward fault led to the use of buckling restrained braces, an advanced structural solution that dissipates ground motion energy and minimizes damage in an earthquake.