Jack London Square Marketplace

Jack London Square, Oakland, California | commercial development

A mixed-use waterfront hub meets the needs of both office and retail uses. It also defines a sense of place along Oakland’s waterfront.

The centerpiece of a large $300 million redevelopment initiative, Jack London Square Marketplace anchors Oakland’s urban waterfront with offices and food retail. The design challenge was to meld the needs, atmosphere, and character of a market hall with the demands of modern office spaces, creating interaction with the surrounding plazas and waterfront.

The resulting project provides retail interaction at street level, with restaurant spaces and a market hall defined by an undulating roofline that echoes nearby pier structures. This low roofline skirts the central office tower, varying the scale in a way that fits comfortably into the existing district while maintaining a cohesive sense of self. Interior office spaces take advantage of the high ceiling volume and sweeping views. Sustainable design principles were embraced from the outset, resulting in a LEED Silver certification.

Quick Facts

50 percent of the wood and materials is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Award: Excellence Award Winner, Design-Build Institute of America, 2010