REDCO-92, Hayward – RMW’s latest design for an industrial building stands out from the crowd.

Attracting innovative companies in the advanced manufacturing space with a highly sustainable and elevated design was the primary goal for this 98,431 sf project in Hayward, CA. The oblique parapet angles and rough-sawn wood plank form liners applied to the tilt-up concrete façade endow the building with a modern look that reinforces the project’s extensive and lofty sustainability goals. Linear lighting fixtures attached to vertical wood beams add warmth and further enhance the street-facing facades. Across all building faces, a halftone gradient dot mural elegantly transitions from a steel blue to a deep charcoal tone, providing another layer of visual interest and subtle complexity.

To further differentiate the project from its neighbors and celebrate the sustainability measures incorporated into the project, a substantial living wall punctuates and celebrates the building’s primary southeast corner. The welcoming entry, generous use of glass, and verdant landscaping will surely appeal to potential tenants looking for an attractive, modern, high-performance industrial building to call their home. The considered application of these architectural enhancements creates an exterior aesthetic with a surprisingly human-centric allure.


Jeff Leonhardt