RMW to Collaborate with Cityzenith 5D Smart World

RMW architecture & interiors has launched a collaborative effort to beta-test Cityzenith’s award winning 5D Smart World product. Cityzenith is a platform leader in data visualization for the built environment. The BETA program was created to engage government and professional users in major cities around the globe including Washington D.C, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Singapore. RMW is one of the selected firms to beta-test in the San Francisco region.

The 5D Smart World Product was developed by one of the original creators of Google Earth, with the intent to make information about buildings and cities more accessible. City governments, local agencies, developers, building owners, energy management providers, architects, and many others will utilize 5D Smart World as a collaboration tool. The product allows users to swiftly move across interactive 3D city skylines and click on different buildings and physical city features to access diverse data sets. The BETA program is in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy as part of the Better Communities Alliance (BCA) initiative.

Cityzenith is headquartered in Chicago, learn more about them and 5D Smart World here.