Reimagining Downtown San Mateo

Three project sites in downtown San Mateo are key to enriching the neighborhood street-scape by encouraging walkability and building sustainability. Each site strives to achieve goals of vibrant & functional public spaces, varied & eclectic retail, sensitivity to historical context, high identity design, cross-laminated timber, and environmentally conscious design. These new developments take aesthetic cues from the use of period and historical materials of the area, weaving together the story of old and new.

1st & B

57 S. B Street.

The building rises around a generous open corner plaza to create a destination at the Northwestern end of downtown. Building volumes at the ground and second levels create a varied streetscape while the central volume distinguishes itself as office space. Terrace space
is consolidated on floor 3.

Post & Beam

668 E 3rd Avenue

Shear creates a natural gateway from the residential neighborhood leading into the commercial core of downtown. Building Features include, office entry clearly demarcated on 3rd Ave., showcases the timber structural system, and sets back at ground level to create relief along the street frontage


4th & B, 401-445 S B Street.

The Talbots approach sensitively balances the scale and character of the existing downtown with the volume of a full-block development. The design features a deep plaza along S B St sightline, compliments neighboring buildings, and creates relief in the long facades on upper-level terraces.