Enter. Reset. Escape. Play. Scene Local People’s Choice Winner

Voted first by attendees and awarded second by the jury, RMW’s scene “Enter. Reset. Escape. Play.” shone at the 7th annual IIDA San Francisco City Center SCENE LOCAL showcase. The experience, designed in partnership with Trubeck Construction, TK Studio/Teknion, Linked Reps, Turf Designs, CAL Lighting, and Corral, was described by judges as “inspirations for play where everyone can discover one’s recharge zone.”

Dimmed lights [sight] initiated the sensory scene to soothe and invite engagement with illuminated headphones on the fragrant [smell] moss wall. The headphones echoed sounds of nature [sound] and deepened the immersive experience. Guests were encouraged to rest, their tactile senses engaged [touch] through rich fabrics on furniture as they enjoyed samples of salted dark chocolate [taste].

When ready, guests stepped into the color immersive zone. White walls with RGB color changing lights [sight] created shades of color shadow. Guests’ movements projected in color as the space adapted from individual silhouette to group color tapestry. As the space trigged the visual senses, the music shifted to infuse audio energy and activate a silent disco [sound]. Modular furniture offered optional soft seating [touch] and housed packets of pop-rocks [taste] to stimulate the palate.



Hakee Chang Jenna Szczech Hallie Travis