Amanda Calindas Amanda Calindas

Amanda Calindas

Central to Amanda’s life is the desire to create and capture memories. As a child, her grandfather’s passion for photography cultivated a lifelong love for cataloging memorable moments and reflecting upon them as inspiration to create ever more meaningful memories. Within her capacity to affect the experiences of others through their interaction with the built environment, Amanda strives to make spaces that serve as unforgettable backdrops. But to her, unforgettable doesn’t necessarily equate to ornate or grand. Amanda believes that the hallmark of a good design is simplicity. In one of her favorite buildings, The Zollverein School of Management and Design in Germany, the placement and size of ordinary windows transform a simple rectilinear building into a mood-altering experience by allowing the sunlight to travel throughout the space at controlled intervals. In her view, design interventions such as this are what inspire memorable moments.

As a team member, Amanda’s positive attitude and eagerness to learn make her a valued contributor. She wants to be known by clients and colleagues as someone who is dependable, diligent, and fun to work with. When she’s not at work, Amanda enjoys photography, cooking, floral arranging, and going on walks with her dog.

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