Alex Dizon Alex Dizon

Alex Dizon


Rare is the segue from disciplined martial artist to unabashedly creative designer, yet that’s precisely the path Alex took to arrive at RMW. For eight years of her life, Alex practiced martial arts. She earned her black belt and participated in demonstrations and competitions. Once Alex realized her life-long fascination with art could be harnessed for a career in interior design, she went after it wholeheartedly. The two pursuits, seemingly disparate, are bound by one common thread: a fierce dedication to achieving her goals. As a team member, Alex brings that same level of commitment to each project she works on. Yet, it is her curiosity, enthusiasm, and optimism that make working with her so enjoyable.

An experiential person, Alex likes to learn about different cultures through food, art, and fashion. She revels in small things, such as the satisfying feeling of accomplishment or spending time with family and friends. When she needs some me-time, she likes to meet her mood with the right music or clear her mind with a ride on her stationary bike.