Aneri Sanghavi Aneri Sanghavi

Aneri Sanghavi

As a child growing up in India, Aneri and her family had several opportunities to make a house into a home. Surrounded by designers, artisans, craftsmen, and builders, Aneri was fascinated by both the process and the transformations. While working and studying in Europe, she was inspired by the extremely well-preserved historic buildings and the harmonious blend between the new and the old. She also gained an understanding of the strong impact that design has on a person’s sentiment.

Aneri is always mindful about mixing functionality with beauty in the hopes of making a space that feels naturally pleasant. Because of her optimistic and caring nature, Aneri is drawn to challenges, eagerly solving them with a combination of flexibility, creativity, and compassion. Her aspiration for every project is to be empathetic to the project goals while simultaneously pushing to add value to the site, the client, and the community.

In her spare time, Aneri enjoys cycling, snorkeling, dancing, and exploring new cities. She draws inspiration from being out in nature and observing people in public spaces. People, she says, make the best libraries. You can always tell when a space uplifts them or not.

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